We can help Accountants with


An AML/CFT Audit is due every 3 years. We offer both a Reasonable Assurance and Limited type audit. Contact us to discuss the options best for you.


Pre-Audits can be helpful for accounting firms, who want to check their compliance prior to the audit. We recommend this is done six months to a year prior to the Audit, which gives the reporting entity time to put any changes into action.
A Pre-Audit can also be helpful for new accounting firms particularly after the first year of operation, as it provides assurance that they are meeting their AML requirements, and identifies any gaps.

AML/CFT Framework Documents (Create or Update your documents)

To assist our customers to create these documents 2Compli will draft the Risk Assessment and Programme in consultation with the Companies Compliance Officer or provide coaching to the Compliance Officer for them to develop their own documents.

AML/CFT Training

We provide targeted training catered to our customer’s needs.

Our workshops provide accountants with all the base skills to meet all their compliance requirements, with more advanced modules or training available. Please contact us to discuss your training needs, and we will prepare a draft plan.