AML/CFT Consultancy by 2Compli
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AML/CFT Consultancy

AML/CFT Consultancy

The AML/CFT Consultancy services offered by 2Compli are wide and varied. We often have customers call up and ask for our thoughts and views regarding an AML/CFT issue they are trying to resolve. Sometimes just talking through the issue is all that is required. We consider the level of consultancy as part of the overall relationship that we have with our clients.

If you need a little more support, we have a number of customers who utilise our monthly AML/CFT support option. This is tailored for each customer but is designed to give reporting entities peace of mind that should a tricky AML/CFT question come up then we are a phone call or email away from helping them resolve. Should a customer not use this service in the period we will then use the fee paid to deliver training to ensure they meet their annual AML/CFT training requirements or could also put towards updates to the Risk Assessment and Programme.

2Compli provides consultancy in the following areas:

AML/CFT Strategic Review

A strategic review is an overhaul of the current AML/CFT frameworks to ensure it is fit for purpose. This could be due to changes within the business, remediation, or simply the original documents are no longer meeting the companies’ requirements.

AML/CFT Project management

Working with medium to large companies or Corporates who require project management or assistance with an AML/CFT project.